Genuine Vape Wholesale in Canada

Only Authorized Canadian Vape Distributor for Breeze Products

Genuine Vape & Smoke Company is a Canadian vape wholesale distributor of vape and smoke products, primarily Breeze Smoke, ZPods, Envi Boost, Allo 1500, and Allo Ultra.

Based in Windsor Ontario, Genuine Vape was founded on the principle of supplying and distributing genuine products at the best possible price. Our goal is to provide our wholesale customers with quality products that come from a true wholesaler, not overseas vape product suppliers who offer discounts for inferior and counterfeit goods.

When you work with Genuine Vape, you’ll get the business-to-business support you deserve. Whether you’re placing an order or have a question or concern after the sale, you will find it easy to reach us by phone or email.

Because we buy direct from manufacturers, we guarantee authentic products… hence our name. Our pricing is also hard to beat.




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Why Genuine Vapes as Your Canada Vape Wholesaler?

• Premium, authentic vape products at the lowest possible price

• Only authorized Canadian Distributor for Breeze Products

• Over 60 Unique Zpod Flavours

• Simple and easy online ordering system

• Hassle free warranty of all vape products

• Fully secured site-wide SSL Security

• Free Shipping on wholesale orders in Canada – (min requirement)

• Consistent, reliable shipping and tracking

• Optional secure payment methods

• Excellent account management support

• Experienced Canadian vape wholesale team

• Quick processing of orders


Canada Vape Wholesale Mission

As a Canadian Vape Wholesaler, we specialize in selling premium, authentic vape products at the lowest possible price. We promise to deliver quality products with outstanding customer service at the lowest possible price. All of our products are listed in CDN dollars.

Delayed Shipping Due to Covid & Holidays

Dear Customers: Please expect shipping courier delays through the holiday season.
Genuine Vape & Smoke Company will continue to ship orders during this time.